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General Forum Rules:

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 12:54 pm    Post subject: General Forum Rules: Reply with quote


You are very welcome to this Princess Diana Community
- a place to have discussions, share information and post pictures about Princess Diana - to voice your opinion on a topic. If you disagree with a comment made, you can post your differing opinion about the topic.

Speak your mind, share your views!

We highly encourage all new members (and visitors too) to glance through this Diana Community
- just to honor Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Princess Diana Forum is an activity by several websites.
These pages are available in english only. German users should go here .
If you have questions feel free to contact us.


Please read these carefully and if you have any questions, please contact a Mod or an Admin. This is pretty much what's going to get a post edited, deleted, or moved by a mod.
See also the FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions for detailled help:

One thing to note is that this is not necessarily a definitive list. When posting, above all else, use your head. Just because, for example, there's no rule below saying you can't post nuclear launch codes doesn't mean it's okay to post nuclear launch codes (it's not, buster, so don't try it). Use these rules and common sense as a guide to what may be posted in these forums.

We reserve the right to delete, edit or move any post or topic.

In general what we do NOT allow : Messages that are unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented or racially or culturally offensive.

1. Name calling is not permitted at all, regardless of whether it’s directed at a forum member or a non-forum member. To prevent misunderstandings, keep personal jokes out of threads where they could be misinterpreted.

2. Above all else, be respectful to others when posting. While expressing your disagreement with a post is fine, trash talking, fights on the open board, personal attacks and the like will result in disciplinary action by the forum moderators and administrators. Please do not try and take a matter into your hands. Do not try to discipline people yourself or tell others what the rules are. If you have a problem with another member then please contact an admin or a mod.

3. You can't post copyrighted material. This includes ALL photos and articles. If you wish to share an article or photo, please provide a link.

4. Keep topics in their appropriate forums: News stuff goes in Princess Diana News, Picture stuff in Princess Diana Pics, and random stuff in Princess Diana Den ...

5. Please stay on topic. Limit off topic conversation to a minimum within threads. Also, feel free to use the private messenger on the forum for any topic you wish to discuss. Keep personal jokes and off topic chatter in PM’s. If a mod or an admin asked you to stay on topic please do so. We reserve the right to move or delete off-topic conversation.

6. If you're unsure about why a mod made a certain decision, the first thing to do is PM him/her and find out the reasoning behind it. If you still disagree with him/her after they’ve had a chance to explain, the way to continue is to pm an Admin. They will review any issues that the mods cannot deal with. You should, however, obey their rules until you receive word from them that it is okay to do otherwise. As a last resort please contact the owner, princess-diana.com. All other avenues should be used before contacting him.

7. Be considerate of front-page space in each forum. Don’t take up too much of it by either bumping lots of old threads or creating many new ones. Where possible, condense. If a topic is more than a month old we recommend that you begin a new topic rather than bumping up an old one. Please don’t start many topics about the same thing. (Kate and William, as an example)

8. Please hit the "report post" button if you think a post may be breaking one or more of these rules. The mods and admins will take care of it. Beyond copyright reminders, do not try to deal with it yourself. This is especially important where trolling or name-calling is involved.

9. You may not block a moderator or and administer from pming you, as it is essential to the board's well-being that mods be able to communicate with all members.

10. Please post in English. Posts in other languages can be deleted.

11. Adhere to new limits on signatures and avatars. This limit for signatures is 13 lines max or 20,000 bytes. The 13 lines can be text or a picture or a combination of both. The limit for an avatar is 10,000 bytes. Mods and admin members are authorized to delete avatars and signatures that break the rules without notice or warning.

12. If you have a personal website of your own, you can put a link to it in your signature/profile. We do not allow threads or random posts advertising your site. These posts or threads will be deleted.

13. No swearing. People of all ages read and contribute to this forum. Please don't use profanities or other words, which might offend them. This includes vulgar or offensive usernames or titles. We reserve the right to delete or change any offensive username, avatar, signature or title.


Bitte lese dir die Regeln sorgfältig durch und wenn du Fragen hast, schreibe einem Moderator oder Admin (bitte auf Englisch). Denn es gibt ziemlich viele Sachen, die dazu führen, dass dein Beitrag von einem Moderator editiert, gelöscht oder verschoben wird.
Ein deutsches Diana-Forum findest du übrigens hier.


Por favor lea estas normas con cuidado y si usted tiene una pregunta por favor contacte a un miembro del Equipo de Moderación. Esto es lo que hará que un mensaje sea editado o borrado.

Una cosa para notar es que esta no es necesariamente una lista definitiva. Al anunciar, por encima de todo, utilice la cabeza. Por ejemplo, que no haya una regla que diga que no se puede anunciar códigos de bombas nucleares no significa que este bien anunciar códigos de bombas nucleares. Utilice estas reglas y el sentido común como una guía a lo que se puede anunciar en estos foros.

Reservamos el derecho de borrar, editar o mover cualquier mensaje o tema.

1. Los insultos no estan permitidos,ya sea directamente a un miembro del foro o a un no-miembro, trata a los demás con educación. Se respetuoso con otros y sus opiniones. Todos tenemos el derecho a nuestra propia opinión y lo podemos expresar, pero por favor sea respetuoso de los sentimientos de otros y sus propias creencias.

2. No esta permitido copiar material con Copyright (Derechos de Autor), si deseas compartir un articulo o foto, por favor escriba el enlace.

3. Mantenga los temas en sus foros apropiados

4. Sea considerado con en el espacio de la primera plana, no regresen los temas viejos, tampoco haga muchos nuevos al mismo tiempo.

5. Por favor haga click el botón “Report this post” si usted piensa que un mensaje puede estar rompiendo una o más de estas reglas.

6. Si usted está inseguro acerca de por qué un Moderador tomo una cierta decisión, la primera cosa a hacer es escribirle al moderador que tomo la decision (Por Mensaje privado PM) el Moderador dara sus razones y si usted todavía no esta adacuerdo, contacte a www.princess-diana.com.

7. Usted tiene prohibido bloquear a un Moderador de contactarse via mensaje privado (PM) ya que es vital que el Equipo Moderador pueda contactar a los miembros del foro.

8. Por favor todos los mensajes deben ser en inglés. Mensajes en otro idioma serán borrados.

9. Por favor tenga en cuanta que el límite de los Avatares y firmas son de 10,000 bytes para avatares y 20,000 bytes para las firmas las firmas no pueden ser mas de 13 líneas, las líneas pueden ser textos o un retrato o una combinación de los dos. El equipo de Moderadores tiene permitido borrar todos los avatares y firmas que pases estos requisitos.

10. Por favor mantengase en el tema. Limite la charla a un mínimo dentro de cada tema. También, sientase libre para utilizar el mensajero privado (PM), aquí en el foro para cualquier tema que usted desee discutir.

11. Si usted tiene un sitio web real, usted le puede poner un enlace en su firma/perfil. No se permiten mensajes aleatorios anunciando su sitio.[/i]
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